Missouri & Illinois Senior Healthcare Products

We also provide additional products such as Hospital Indemnity Plans, Cancer Expense Plans and Dental/Eye Glasses/Hearing Plans.

Missouri & Illinois Hospital Indemnity Plans

Help defray out of pocket expenses.
Plans offer cash payments to help defray out of pocket expenses for hospital and related deductibles and co-payments. Benefits can be paid directly to the insured individual. Helps avoid surprises or unexpected expense when hospitalized, often used along with Medicare Advantage plans.

Missouri & Illinois Cancer Expense Plans

Lump sum payments or Scheduled payments.
Plans offer lump sum payments, or scheduled payments, directly to the insured individual upon diagnosis and treatment of cancer. Benefits can include reimbursement on many medical services and procedures, including travel, associated with treatment. Added prescription costs can be overwhelming. Many expenses related to cancer are NON-medical, such as loss of income, added home care, etc

Missouri & Illinois Dental / Eye Glasses / Hearing Insurance

No networks required.
Medicare does not cover routine dental, eye glasses and hearing benefits. Plans offer various levels of benefits for procedures, eyewear, etc.. Many plans can be used at the providers of your choice, no networks required.
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