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Fixed annuities offer safety of principal, various and competitive interest crediting features. Tax deferral can compound (add to) the growth of account values. Plans bypass probate upon death, thus expediting transfer of assets to beneficiaries and minimizing legal expenses or delays.

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Payments Series
We also offer immediate annuities. In exchange for a sum of money, the annuity guarantees that the insurer will make a series of payments. These payments can be level or increasing periodic payments for a fixed term of years or until the ending of a life or two lives.
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    "Dear Mike, Jeff and I just want to thank you for helping us through every step to get Jeff health coverage and all of the other policies. We couldn't have done it without you, we so appreciate it. We will be in touch next year to take care of mine. Thanks again!"

    P.G., Chesterfield, MO

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